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  • Hand blown and machine produced

    Hand blown and machine produced

    2023-05-30 [ Company News ]

    Hand-blown and machine-blown cups are very similar in appearance, and there are obvious differences between the two when you look at them with your eyes and touch them with your fingers. Mechanism suppression: The wine glasses produced by the mechanism are relatively bulky, and the style is relatively simple. The machine production output is relatively high, so the price is low, which can meet the functions of consumers. The product specifications are consistent, and there are no bubbles and water ripples. Hand-blown: The styles of hand-blown wine glasses are relatively diverse, and the prod......


  • Aikeyi's glass quality

    Aikeyi's glass quality

    2023-05-26 [ Company News ]

    The three most commonly used glass materials in Aikeyi factory are: soda lime glass, high borosilicate glass, and crystal glass. They have the following characteristics: 1. Soda-lime glass: Soda-lime glass is a relatively common glass material with good transparency and heat resistance. Its main components are silicon oxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide, so it has high chemical stability and will not react with substances such as acids and alkalis, nor will it produce any harmful substances. The production cost of soda-lime glass is relatively low, so the price is relatively affordable.......


  • Glassblowing: The Art of Fire

    Glassblowing: The Art of Fire

    2023-05-24 [ Company News ]

    In Changsha Aikeyi glassware processing factory, the production scene is in full swing. After picking, rolling, blowing, setting and other processes, the glass stock solution blooms in various poses and with different expressions in the flame. According to the staff, the glass has undergone intense temperature and shape changes during blowing, and this change has left thermal stress in the glass. Thermal stress reduces the strength and thermal stability of glass products. If it is directly cooled, it is likely to break during storage, transportation and use. To avoid this problem, glass produ......


  • Classification of wine glasses

    Classification of wine glasses

    2023-05-19 [ Company News ]

    According to the process, it is divided into: machine, semi-machine and semi-manual, and fully manual. Divided by material: lead-free crystal glass, ordinary glass, high borosilicate. According to function, it is divided into: champagne glass, red wine glass, white wine glass, liqueur glass, brandy glass and decanter and other wine glasses; from the functional point of view, different cup shapes are derived to add visual enjoyment to wine tasting. Divided by shape: flute-shaped goblet, tulip cup. The shape of the wine glass determines the first point of contact when the wine enters the mouth......


  • Do you know all these common sense?

    Do you know all these common sense?

    2023-05-18 [ Company News ]

    1. The importance of wine glasses Choosing the right glass is crucial to tasting wine. Different wine types have different taste and smell characteristics, and the right glass can make these characteristics better displayed and played. Plus, the right glass allows the wine to better come into contact with the air, releasing richer aromas. 2. How to choose the right wine glass? Consider the type of wine: Different types of wine require different glasses. For example, white wine needs smaller glasses to keep the wine mild and retain its aroma; while red wine needs larger glasses to fully reveal......