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R & D Service

We have a research and development department to ensure that we can innovate efficiently. The main goal of our research and development is to promote the cross research between the global trend of the glassware industry and provide customers with market entry strategies. This allows us to combine manufacturing techniques and ideas with our own to produce the most popular glassware. Furthermore, our R&D activities become more efficient and effective by absorbing various insights and disseminating new results horizontally.


In-depth industry and market reports

With 15 years of foreign trade export experience, Aikeyi can provide a high level of ability to meet the challenges of customers. We have the knowledge and skills to successfully conduct promotional research in our client's target market, as well as provide glassware purchasing advice, or perform any other task requested by our client.


Perfect technical support

Our designers focus on understanding the challenges and needs of the market, coupled with our technicians' focus on producing first-class glassware for our customers. The perfect combination of function, color and material creates our advanced solutions for our customers' brands.