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Accessories supply

Aikeyi can meet customers' various accessory needs including aluminum, plastic, wood, polymer covers as well as many custom designed accessories.

(Glass Juice Bottle Cap,Mason Jar Glasses Cap,Glass Swing Bottles Lid,Sparkling Water Glass Bottle Lid,Glass Milk Bottle Lid,Glass Milk Bottle Lids,Glass Coffee Jar Lids,Glass Beer Bottle Lids,Glass Spirit Bottle Lid,Glass Honey Jar Lids,Glass Oil Bottle Lids,Glass Candy Jar,Glass Food Storage Jar,Glass Gatorade Bottle Lids,Glass Bottle Sodas Lids,Glass Perfume Bottle Lid,Glass Cream Jar,Glass Lotion Bottle Pump,Glass Roller Caps,Glass Mist Bottle Sprayer,Glass Soap Bottle Pumps,Glass Soap Bottle Pumps ect.)

 We can provide innovation for your brand, professional design for your packaging, and bring new high-quality packaging to the market. Qualified customers are eligible to receive free design services in exchange for new packaging business. If you have any special needs, you can contact us directly.