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Aikeyi's glass quality

The three most commonly used glass materials in Aikeyi factory are: soda lime glass, high borosilicate glass, and crystal glass. They have the following characteristics:

1. Soda-lime glass: Soda-lime glass is a relatively common glass material with good transparency and heat resistance. Its main components are silicon oxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide, so it has high chemical stability and will not react with substances such as acids and alkalis, nor will it produce any harmful substances. The production cost of soda-lime glass is relatively low, so the price is relatively affordable.

2. High borosilicate glass: High borosilicate glass is a new type of glass material. Compared with traditional soda lime glass, it has higher hardness, better heat resistance and better chemical stability. The main components of high borosilicate glass are silicon oxide and boron oxide, among which the content of boron oxide is relatively high, which can improve the hardness and heat resistance of the glass. The price of high borosilicate glass is relatively high, but its excellent performance has also been widely recognized.

3. Crystal glass: Crystal glass is a high-grade glass material with high transparency and beautiful optical effects. The main components of crystal glass are silicon oxide and lead oxide, among which the content of lead oxide is higher, which can improve the refractive index and optical effect of the glass. The production cost of crystal glass is relatively high, so the price is relatively high.